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Legal Dictionary - U

Unjust enrichment: Legal doctrine providing that one person should be required to make restitution for the property or benefit received when that benefit or property was unfairly obtained at the expense of another.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC): Law governing commercial transactions, provisions of which have been adopted by an overwhelming majority of U.S. jurisdictions.

United States Attorney: A federal lawyer appointed by the President to prosecute all criminal offenses or civil actions committed against the US and to defend the government in all civil actions in which it is brought as a defendant.

United States Bankruptcy Court: The judicial body that oversees matters pertaining to bankruptcy and reorganization.

United States Court of Appeals: The judicial body that hears contested decisions from federal district courts, bankruptcy courts, and tax courts.

United States District Courts: The federal judicial body that tries both criminal and civil actions and admiralty cases.

United States Supreme Court: The highest court in the land, established by U.S. Constitution.

Unsecured debts: Amounts outstanding for which the debtor has not pledged collateral to guarantee repayment.