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Learn why it is important to preserve evidence after an auto accident or slip and fall accident in Florida.

Preserving Evidence After An Accident


Following an accident or injury it is very important to preserve evidence. Most people who were just in an accident or slip and fall are not thinking about preserving evidence, but they should be. Here are some useful tips for preserving evidence.


1. Take Pictures - most people have a camera phone or digital camera with them. Take pictures of the accident scene, location of the vehicles, damage to cars.

2. Get witness names - many times there are witnesses to auto accidents, but most people don’t get their full
name, address, and phone number. Carry a pen and paper with you at all times in the car, and always remember to get the witness names.

3. Obtain a repair estimate for automobile damage, and do not sell, dispose or trade in your car until you have taken pictures of the damage, and obtained at least two repair estimates.

4. Get the other drivers full information, such as driver’s license, current address and phone, insurance information, auto tag number, and make model and year of their car. Don’t wait for the police or rely on them to gather this information for you. Also don’t let the other driver refuse to give you this information, it is the law in Florida that drivers must exchange this information after an accident.

5. Go to the hospital emergency room if you feel that you have been injured in the accident. Then follow up with your physician or chiropractor.  In order to document and preserve information about your injuries, you will need to have medical documentation, which may include x-rays, MRI scans, CT scans, and physical examination by a doctor.


1. Use your camera phone or digital camera to take pictures of the location of your slip and fall, noting water or other substances on the floor, or other dangerous conditions.  Businesses and premises owners may later deny that a dangerous condition existed, and a picture tells a thousand words.

2. Insist on being examined by emergency personnel and call 911, do not try to care for your own injuries or allow employees of the business or premises attempt to treat you with cold packs, aspirin or pain relievers.

3. Insist that the business owner or premises owner take a written report of the incident and provide you with a copy.

4. Get the names, address, and phone numbers of any witnesses to your slip and fall

5. Get the names, address, and phone number of employees or managers at the business or premises.

6. Preserve your shoes, put your shoes in a zip lock bag and do not wear them again, they may be evidence in the case.

7. Look for security cameras in the vicinity of your fall and ask employees for a copy of the security tape, then follow up with a letter to the manager of the business instructing them to preserve any and all security tapes as possible evidence in a court case.