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Scott and Fenders, PLLC

About Scott and Fenderson PLLC

The law firm of Scott and Fenderson PLLC was established in March 1997 by attorney Charles Scott and attorney Kathryn Fenderson Scott.   We are Florida accident attorneys serving only the injured and never the big insurance companies.  Our attorneys represent accident victims covering all types of serious injury, including car accidents, slip and fall, brain injury, wrongful death, motorcycle accidents,  and truck accidents. 

We work for the injured, and our mission is dedicated to protecting the rights of the people, not the big insurance companies.

The legal staff at Scott and Fenderson, PLLC

We offer personal service and your accident case will be handled by an attorney from start to finish. Representation by a lawyer, not a legal assistant or secretary begins with your first meeting at our firm. Our lawyers will meet with you during the intake of your case, unlike some firms that use intake specialists or non-lawyers to obtain the facts about your car accident or injury and sign you up for representation.

You should know that an intake specialist is not a lawyer, and is not allowed by law to provide you with legal advice or even to explain the contract for representation. As a Florida injury lawyer, we feel you deserve to meet with a lawyer from the very first meeting. Your attorney client relationship is established from the first day you come to our firm, and your accident case will receive the utmost attention from our attorneys.

Like many other lawyers, we employ the services of paralegals and legal assistants, the difference is that our lawyers handle the case personally, while in some law firms, non-lawyer case managers, paralegals, and legal assistants oversee the case from start to finish. Our paralegals serve only to assist the lawyers, and not as case managers.

Did you know that sometimes the lawyer earns more in fees on a personal injury case than the client? At Scott and Fenderson, our promise is that we never make more money on a case than our clients. This situation sometimes arises when the at-fault driver in an automobile accident is underinsured, and there are substantial medical bills as a result of the injury. Over the years we have voluntarily reduced our fees when necessary so that our clients received more money in their pocket, and we continue this promise.

Our attorneys offer a free consultation for your accident, with no obligation or costs. Your free consultation will be with a lawyer, and should you decide to retain Scott and Fenderson, you will meet with an attorney to sign the representation agreement and to answer your questions. We don’t charge any fees of costs unless we make a recovery for you. If we make a recovery on your case, the fees in all personal injury cases are regulated by the Florida Bar and we adhere to the required fee structure.

We offer personal attention to our clients, and are a family owned and operated business. Our clients feel like family here, not just another injury case to be moved in and out the door. As a result, most of our new cases come from referrals by our existing clients, and we wish to thank all our clients for coming back and referring their friends and family over the years.

Call our offices today at 727-321-0099 to schedule a free consultation with an attorney.